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tim schweitzer vinyl/digital

with an unfaded creative vision, dj tim schweitzer (aka jezus juice) has enjoyed playing nightclubs, lounges and parties across the united states and israel for over 30 years. from spinning downtempo, latin-jazz and soulful funky house sets to producing many of the area's best weekly events, he has often been called the hardest working dj in minneapolis and holds a long list of residencies to prove it. as a program manager for netradio.com from 1997 to 2001, he created and programmed no less than 20 genre specific audio channels. in 1999, tim transformed first avenue's long running saturday danceteria into minneapolis' premier house music showcase, system 33. he also produced the successful monday nights at the minneapolis cafe, weekends at fhima's, and on any given day, has another idea brewing. tim, as dj jezus juice, was nominated "best club dj" by the minnesota music academy every year from 1996 to 2003, winning that honor in 1996, 1998 and 2003. additionally, he was voted "best club dj" by city pages magazine in 1996, 1998 and 2001, and by citysearch.com in 2000. he was picked as part of "the creative class" by minneapolis st.paul magazine in 2004, and featured in their 2005 holiday issue.

dean vaccaro vinyl/digital

dj dean vaccaro has been a fixture on the minneapolis nightclub scene for over 37 years, keeping many of the city's highest-profile dancefloors full and on the leading edge of club tastes. from his memorable start at the original graffitti's/schiek's in 1984, to his residency at the pacific club, to his treasured stint at the almost legendary rogue as head dj, dean has held court at literally every major venue in minneapolis and developed a loyal following for his diverse repetoires of deep house, '80s underground, real disco and more recently, lounge exotica (at the swank club velvet as his alter-ego, king kini). dean was honored in 1999 with a minnesota music award nomination for "best club dj" and was bestowed a 'star' in 2000 on first avenue's esteemed wall of fame. in 2001, dean co-founded the improvisational house music collective, tambuca with fellow 'musicos y djs' and can currently be heard spinning in various twin cities nightspots including the renowned first avenue.

joseph pettini percussion

...aka javier del bosco, is a native of san francisco, where he studied drums and percussion with kurt wortman and pete escovedo. he has played in a variety of group and solo situations, and composed scores for waterworks movement and ed mock dance theater. he once made out with stevie nicks. joseph has been exiled in minnesota since 1991. after stints with a number of ill-fated local groups, he has sworn off playing with rock bands forever. currently joseph is a member of soutien-georges (french salsa and cabaret). in november 2001 he toured as a featured percussionist with ice (intergalactic contemporary ensemble), including a performance at the 2001 london jazz festival. he is also the resident bonguero at king kini's club velvet, and for the past two years has been performing with the musicos and djs of tambuca. joseph plays latin percussion and contemporanea brasil instruments.

chuck love trumpet, flute, guitar

chuck love, aka charlie erickson, has been on the minneapolis music scene since the early 80s doing electronic music, commercial production, and live performance. chuck is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, who plays keys, guitar and percussion... as well as that weird little trumpet... and has contributed to such projects as: hanover fist (capitol records) and the mystery science theater "love theme" (comedy central). currently, love is recording with vocalist andra suchy. this deep house project is called nymphonix, and their first single "off my mind" is currently out on celebrity records, with more to come. in addition to his tambuca performances, you can also see chuck playing live with the minneapolis house music band roomsa (farris wheel records). spread the love.

alan davis cruise director

alan 'slowride' davis was found as an infant in the storage room of the maidenform foundation company's plant in oshkosh, wisconsin. although apparently abandoned by his mother, who left a note which said only "please take care of my baby- inspected by #23", the child had already demonstrated a natural affinity for the lacy garments in which he had been swaddled, and had in fact fashioned his own hammock/crib from a black teddy and two training bras. his devotion to the industry remains unswavering, and slowride is a valued consultant to the industry. he tests countless new products for comfort, support, chafing, and convenience. his current mission is to bring the thong forward as a fashion imperative, freeing it from the dark recesses and breathing new life into it as headgear. alan is procurement director for tambuca worldwide, with homes in minneapolis and brasilia.

tambucan job story contact
dave anania percussion

dave anania has graced the drumkit on 4 different continents and has played music in front of millions of people in the first 15 years of his career. his favorite musical experiences include greazy meal (minneapolis alternative soul collective), esther godinez (latin percussion goddess) and timefly (jazz-infused live drum & bass). he has toured the us and japan with arista/j records recording artist, shannon curfman and has performed on tv shows such as "good morning america," the rosie o'donnell show," "the tonight show with jay leno," "cbs this morning" and "fox family concerts." in 2000, anania relocated to new york to join the percussively-heavy performance art troupe, blue man group. since then, anania has toured the us and canada with blue man as part of moby's 'area II' tour and as part of blue man's own 'complex rock tour'. currently, anania resides in berlin as one of the drummers in blue man group's first international production, 'blue man group: berlin'. however, whenever he travels back to minneapolis he chooses to fly tambuca.

brian gallagher saxophone/flute member of greazy meal, prince & the npg and other excellent bands brianmg@mindspring.com
g. largo guitar replacement for the replacement in soul asylum, a member of hookers & blow and other excellent bands gmckelvey@emergentfinancial.com
matt darling trombone (information forthcoming) mattdarling@msn.com

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