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what is tambuca?

tambuca is a pair of live djs spinning records simultaneously on four turntables and two mixers as a band of live musicians weaves in and out of the beats. horns, guitar and percussion blend with the djs' vinyl cuts to create house music as you've never heard it before, and will never hear exactly the same way again. it's completely improvised. it's completely unrehearsed. it's always a surprise.

tambuca plays 'deep house' music with a decidedly, if slight, latin edge, but is always in tune with what a situation dictates and adapts accordingly.

tambuca includes but is not limited to: jezus juice (vinyl), dean vaccaro (vinyl), joseph pettini (percussion), al "slowride" davis (alcohol, tobacco and firearms) with chuck love (trumpet/flute/guitar), matt darling (trombone), dave anania (percussion) and others.

tambuca is indeed a group of the twin cities' most talented 'músicos y djs' performing on stage, but never the less, is always a party that stays focused on the dancefloor.

everyone loves the great taste of tambuca.

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